Oldest Tree

From a tiny beech tree planted on the day of consecration over 150 years ago we now have towering birch, oak, pine and beech trees like this one which has a girth of over 17 feet. The first grave in the cemetery “Martin Whitney” shown on the “First Grave” page is located just a few feet away.

A tour of our grounds will reveal three types of flowering Dogwood, several different types of Beech, Spruce, Oak, Birch, Cedar, Maple, as well as a beautiful Magnolia and Bradford Pear.  Visit the Tree Guide page to print out a map of their locations for your next visit.

We are fortunate to have ANGLE TREE GARDEN CLUB as one of our generous contributors.  For the last 10 years they have planted and cared for the memorial garden at the flag pole and several years ago gave us a sizable gift to cover the entire cost of the engraved plaques identifying 50 trees in our cemetery.