Pre-need Planning

As the saying goes;  Only two things are certain in this world…death and taxes.  Yet even knowing this, most of us don’t plan for the certainty.  The need for a death plan is as essential as estate planning.  Knowing this, your wishes can minimize the trauma and ease the minds of those left behind.  If your death occurred today, could your loved ones answer any of the following questions?

Who is responsible for your funeral arrangements?  Do you wish to be cremated?  If your spouse is your primary administrator, suppose he or she dies in a common accident, who then makes the decisions?  Where did you want to be buried?  Do you already own a cemetery plot?  If so, where is the deed?

Pre-need planning can alleviate the guesswork, make a difficult situation a bit easier, and bring peace of mind to those left behind.  Should you wish to discuss your pre-need planning, contact our superintendent at 508 699 2141.